5 things we love about wigs 

Who remembers the days wear wearing a wig was a big dark secret? 

Those days are far gone and wigs are reborn!

Maybe because of the Hip-hop culture and the influence of celebrities, we have seen a major rise in girls wearing wigs proudly. 

If you are still skeptical about it, let me tell you 5 things that we absolutely LOVE bout wearing wigs! 

#1 Versatility 

Wig offers us endless possibilities, as we are able to switch from one to another very easily.

Trying new looks and becoming a new person every time. 

It offers us the ability to try colors such as yellow, pink, purple or even rainbow! 

We also get to rock different hairstyles and diverse lengths from a short bob to Rapunzel lengths and even braids in an instant! 

All the things we would never dare to do became suddenly possible with a wig! 

#2 Time saver 

Probably our favorite one!

We dream about having a glam team every day to do our hair and make up for us and slay everyday. 

Until that day, you know how getting ready can be a challenge. Particularly with Natural hair as they require a lot of attention day and night! 

On the contrary, a wig needs less maintenance and you can get a fresh out the salon look in a few instants! 

Being glamorous and resting it on the go is easily achievable using wigs. In addition, they hold up styles for longer than natural hairs, therefore your hairstyle can last you up to a week with minimal touch-up!

#3 Cost saving 

Maintaining your natural hair demands a lot of investment, you need multiple products in your routine: Special paraben-free shampoo, special paraben-free conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep treatment mask, oil for styling, gel for styling and so much more! 

And although those products are absolutely worth it to maintain healthy hairs their cost can rise up quickly! 

On the other hand, your wig is a one-time investment!

After your initial purchase, you can choose to install it yourself or go to the salon every while to get an installation. This reduces the cost of your hair maintenance! 

Most of the time, all your wig need is to be washed and styled once a week!

#4 Protective style 

One of the most common wig myth is that women who wear them don’t have hair or are bald.

Even though, a survivor of cancer or women suffering from alopecia may turn to wigs to cover their hair loss, a lot of women with healthy hair turns to wigs as a protective style. 

To be honest with natural hair it is hard to catch a break, they are too sensitive for the heat and humidity of summer and get too dry with the cold of winter. 

Either way, to maintain them you need a lot of time, effort and money!

Wearing wigs on top of your natural braided hair is really beneficial for them:

  • It increases hair growth
  • Encourage length retention
  • Reduce tangles and knots
  • Give your hair a break from tugging, pulling, and combing

Once the hair stays braided, you have low manipulation with decrease breakage and since your hair is underneath the wig, you can use a curling or flat iron without the risk of takes all the heat damage on your natural hair untouched. 

#5 Confidence 

We understand how important hair is to women and their self-esteem. 

Keke hair wigs are specially made to enhance the spirit of beauty of every woman. 

There is something truly magical about how beautiful and sexy we feel with the right hairstyle.

Every inch of hair, every hair flip fills us with the confidence we need to rule the world! 

This feeling is honestly priceless, and a high-quality luxurious wig is a perfect accessory to feel irresistible every morning.

Did we convince you? 

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