KKH BEAUTY: Lashes for days 


Just in time for you to take advantage of them and create an amazing fall look and holiday glam! 

It is even more important to stack up some pairs with the uncertainty of COVID-19 most of you beautiful ladies used to their regular eyelashes' extension might be unable to get them if we go back on lockdown! 


Are very soft, fluffy and have the most everyday natural look! 

You can use it for up to 10 applications it is the ideal substitution for your regular lash appointment!

For big events such as thanksgiving coming soon opt for :

  • Diva lashes if you are the bossy girl in your family.

This will complement your boss lady outfit, your charm and sassiness. 

You are independent, focus on your bag and the real definition of a HUSTLER!

  • Flirt lashes if you are bringing your new boo over for the holiday!

It is the first time you spend thanksgiving with him and you want to play the art of seduction perfectly. You have your beautiful outfit, your perfect heels on and now a sensual look to go with. He is not ready for it! 

  • If you are spending the holidays with your friends shop our Savage lashes. These long and voluminous lashes are perfect for a night of fun, gaming and gratefulness with your squad. 

Here my KKH Beauty makeup inspiration for thanksgiving :