Mom and babies


Last year I was 30 years old and happily pregnant with twins. However by 30 weeks It was the start of a rough pregnancy one of my water broke while I was in school sitting at my desk. Panic came up to me when I saw lots of blood I was severely bed rest and bleeding in the hospital for 4 weeks following that day., no one knew exactly what caused the bleeding but the doctors assume it was the placenta. Despise all this at 34 weeks I gave birth to two premature wonderful healthy twins weighing 4lbs each. :):)

Since our babies were premature they stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks. We spend our full days at the hospital as I was solely breast feeding the twins. I also had to provide breast milk for their nights that was feed through their nose with a tube during the hospital nights. 

Finally once we arrived home with our twins I continued breast feeding. Premature babies have trouble breast feeding therefore they lost weight very fast. I breast fed them every 3 hours for 1 hour time around the clock….no cheating or during our doctors check up they would know.

As time passed, only 4 months after the birth of my twins and I was doing our same routine every 3 hours we finally decided and felt safe to do so to move out of Toronto and get help from our families, as we were extremely tired. However that same week we decided to leave I felt a lump below my ribs. I decided to get myself checked before leaving. This led to one full month after the discovery of the lump and numerous test and numerous stays at the hospital and since all our family are in new-Brunswick we had to bring the twins to stay as we’ll at the hospital they were very kind to accommodate each baby a hospital crib for us. 

Finally 5 months after the birth I got the call… diagnose with stage 4 cancer. It started in my colon spread to liver. 
They can’t operate to remove the tumors because the biggest tumor is connected to our bodies main vein supply in the middle of the chest. 
The doctors told me we need a miracle. Our liver is where all our blood goes plus it’s where it stores our sugar. Both blood and sugar are what makes tumors aggressive.

I have no cancer in my family and ror 3 years prior my diagnosis I was on a healthy vegetarian organic “lifestyle” I jogged 4-5 times a week easily sometimes more …it was a great escape.

I’ve done 13 chemos trying to do the least chemo possible. But I believe if I have not done any I would not be here today as because it was growing a very aggressive rate portraying out my belly and once chemo was administered it calmed the heck out of it. 

I had a 8 hour surgery to remove the colon cancer and place a hepatic pump in my abdomen. This pump is connected straight to my liver and it has 80% survival rate. Only 10% chance of being defective. …. I am part of the 10% I have such a small frame that my veins are also small inside and the piping never fitted resulting adding me in the 10%.

I’m doing lots of different remedies I do believe this is extremely important however I understand that natural takes its courses slowly threw lots of time.

1 year into my diagnoses I had an emergency surgery a bowel obstruction, 5 and a half feet of my intestine was completely dead. This type of surgery happens once every 4 years and survival rates are 15% without cancer.
I’m still here 🙂 thank goodness someone watching over me.

I seemed to have hit a wall with treatment then recently I was informed about the Gerson therapy and Gerson plus therapy. It’s very promising treatment for cancer patients. They are doctors and natural path using both worlds to treat diseases. You stay at their facility and you are their priority. Cancer is extremely demanding very time consuming and unimaginatively expensive. I am overwhelmed by all resulting in having trouble focusing in taking care of myself.
I believe this is my light, my solution I need to stay there to get the help I need to live for my twins.


This was a letter written by a client and friend Marcie Lauria, as her and the twins were beginning their lives together. The financial pressure of trying to do everything in her power to stay alive one more day for her kids was taking its toll. I was moved and saddened that I couldn’t do more.  

Sadly Marcie passed August 8th 2015. The twins and her, pictured above, remind me of the devastating affect cancer has on families.

Yet  the picture allows me to smile reminding of how she embraced life.

We would ask that you donate to your local Cancer Society. We know many people’s lives have been touched by cancer in some way.

KEKE HAIR will be doing an annual event called, “One more day” in celebration of Marcie’s life.  Proceeds will be donated to a trust fund for her 2 sons. Also used to help cover the extensive treatment expenses left behind.


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Thank you for your support

RIP Marcie Lauria